I am Antonia Montoya, MS, CHES. For twenty years I have successfully facilitated professional development for businesses in times of change. Whether working with groups or individuals, my focus is on your strengths. I ask powerful questions to help you to know your strengths. But those strengths are nothing without action. We will use your strengths to keep you accountable to taking action.

My clients open up to me because:

  • I am a generous listener. I listen with compassion. I listen without judging you.
  • I hold your privacy and confidentiality as my top priority.
  • I see your strengths and help you put them to their best use.
  • I open your eyes to your blind spots. I am an expert at perspective-shifting.
  • I am smart. I can quickly understand complex systems from various industries while keeping a focus on the bigger picture.
  • I am reliable and consistent. You can always count on me to do what I say I will do.
  • I am focused on gratitude and possibilities.